The New 2015 Mercedes C Class Coupe

Post On: November 18, 2017
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Mercedes is expected will launch the 2015 Mercedes C Class Coupe in September at the Frankfurt motor show. The car is based on the C-class sedan but there is new aspect from the A-pillars rear. It shares the front-end styling with the C-class sedan and estate version. The C-class coupe has a similar silhouette to that of the S-class coupe and a sporty roofline. There will be an AMG version to top the range with a new 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8. A new convertible version for the C-class coupé will be available for the first time. The second-generation model will join the C-class line-up along with the sedan and estate body styles and will be in the dealership before the end of the year to compete with the BMW 4-series.

The two-door 2015 Mercedes C Class Coupe model has completely new form over the sedan on which it is based from the base of the A-pillars backwards. The windscreen is more severely clear up and runs into the slanted roofline. The C-class coupe’s sportier committed over the sedan model with refined twists to the front-end styling. This is a comparable approach with the Mercedes S-class sedan and coupe version. There are also some signs to the S-class coupe in its shape thanks to the rear styling of the C-class coupe.

Particular design personalities of the C-class range include the line falling from the cap, which helps to increase the front of the end and make the car’s weight seem to stand over the rear wheels as well as the cab-backwards, long-cap profile to highlight it as rear-wheel drive. All the 2015 Mercedes C Class Coupe models feature this shape. The second-generation model will come as a convertible version unlike with the first-generation C-class coupe and is rumored will be a folding soft-top model.

Trim Levels
The 2015 Mercedes C Class Coupe will have comparable interior set with the redesigned C-class sedan. The C-class coupe will launch before the reformed sedan and estate so it will be the first of to get this new interior. The C-Class coupe comes in C350, C250, and C63 versions. The C250 coupe gets heated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, satellite radio and a premium sound system. Shoppers will get optional equipment such as blind-spot monitoring, 18-inch wheels, tuned suspension, a rear spoiler, upgraded brakes, and sport seats. The C350 coupe gets an adaptive suspension and a stronger V6 engine. The C63 AMG gets more powerful engine, high-performance tires, 18-inch wheels, an sport-tuned suspension, sport seats, upgraded brakes, more forceful designing and unique interior trim.

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