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Need something spacious, powerful and efficient gasoline? Ford has these answers. Through this 2015 Ford Expedition MSRP, we will give you some super large SUVs which included in the 2015 Expedition. For your information, Ford has already released Expedition last year with many variant prices and costs. You can see these prices list below this paragraph and complete with the specifications of these trims.

The base model of 2015 Ford Expedition MSRP lineup is XLT. There are four versions of XLT which launched by Ford. The first one is called as 2WD XLT which priced at $43,845. As you can see, it was featured with rear wheel drive only. You can find standard features of SUV through this car. The second trim is 2WD XLT EL. EL here stands for Extended Length which means it has longer wheelbase rather than the first one. This XLT EL has 131-in of wheelbase meanwhile the base XLT is just has 119-in. It is priced at $46,555 by Ford that a little bit higher than base model. The next version is 4WD or All-Wheel drive XLT which has $46,770 as its starting MSRP. For some reasons, 4WD version has lower EPA rating because of its big load to serve 4 wheels in the same time. Then, the 4WD EL priced at $49,480.

Next, 2015 Ford Expedition MSRP is Limited version. As same as XLT, Limited was also divided into 4 trims. The first trim is 2WD Limited which priced at $53,440 as starting MSRP. Limited trims of course higher feature especially on the cabin than XLT trims. The second trim is 2WD Limited EL trim which is the EL version of Limited. The starting MSRP of EL is at $56,092. It has same features with base Limited model but it comes with longer body. The third trim of Limited is 4WD Limited and 4WD Limited EL. Each of them is priced at $56,480 and $59,130.

King Ranch
Now, we are coming in on the higher level of 2015 Ford Expedition MSRP. There are also 4 models of King Ranch. The first model price is at $57,670 as 2WD King Ranch, meanwhile the 2WD King Ranch EL is at $60,320. There is no significant change between them besides of its size only. The next two are 4WD King Ranch and EL model which priced at $60,590 and $63,240.

The last four trims is Platinum model. The 2015 Ford Expedition MSRP of Platinum model are $58,630 for 2WD Platinum, $61,280 for 2WD Platinum EL, $61,670 for 4WD Platinum and $64,320 for 4WD Platinum EL.

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